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 Workshop on
Biosensors, Electroanalytical  Techniques &
Hands-on Session

June 27, 2023
Organized by ECS IITM Student Chapter

Biosensors are innovative devices that have gained immerse significance in various fields due to their ability to detect , analyse biological and chemical substances. This device has revolutionized the way we monitor, diagnose and understand biological processes by combining the principle of biology chemistry and electronics. This workshop comprises of two lectures in the first sessions which shall be revolving around the topics related to electroanalytical techniques and application of those techniques in biosensors and enzymatic biosenors, immunosensor, biocathodes and even enzymatic fuel cell. The afternoon session shall be a hands on experience to gain more clarity on the topics discussed in first session.

Image by Angeles Pérez

Abstracts for lectures and speaker's bio can be found in the link below

Hands-on session Materials

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